Wright Flight Helps Kids through the motivational power of aviation image

Wright Flight Helps Kids through the motivational power of aviation

Kids sign a contract to raise their grades -- Then if they are successful they get to fly a plane!

$78,874 raised

$250,000 goal

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Thank you for the best day of my life!

That was awesome! I'm glad I worked hard to fly!

I will never forget this amazing, terrific and awesome day!

When a young person (some as young as 11-years-old) completes the Wright Flight program and flies an airplane we ask them to share their feelings. These quotes above are from young people who completed Wright Flight last year.

Purpose and mission of Wright Flight:

The mission of Wright Flight is to use the inherent motivational

power of aviation as a stimulus for students to achieve higher goals

in their academic and personal development.

Wright Flight students are required to sign a business style contract stipulating in what area of schoolwork they will improve (Straight "A" kids must do an extra credit project related to aviation).They must also adhere to an "anti-substance abuse" pledge, and pass tests on aviation history.

Our materials use examples of role models from aviation history; we teach students in grades 5 -12 that through hard work and commitment, they can achieve their goals. Just as the Wright Brothers overcame significant obstacles to achieve their dream of flight, our programs allow youth to overcome obstacles to achieve their personal and academic dreams.When kids have the positive life changing experience of Wright Flight, they realize that through hard work and an increased focus on academics, they really can do anything they set their mind to achieve. Successful students will get to actually take over the controls and fly a light aircraft!We have many reports from past graduates that they are now employed in the aerospace field – and it all started with Wright Flight.You are helping us change many youngsters' future for the better.